Love Story of Alexandra and Bob (Russia and Finland)


I had everything, except wife. I wanted a real wife to cook deliciously and to sit together in the evening. I did not have time to wander about and make acquaintances, and I checked in at I decided that a Slavic woman is what I really needed. For six months, I tried from time to time, but had some doubts. I had doubts about Alexandra too, but after 2 weeks of communication I began to slowly thaw – she was healing my wounds even being hundreds of kilometers away. First, we agreed to meet in Moscow on neutral territory (she lived in the province). We had wonderful three days, everything was so simple and sincere that I understood – she needed neither my money, nor my citizenship. She just needed me. A month later she came to me. And then she stayed. As you can see, she became the first woman that managed to put a wedding ring on my finger.



I am already 40 years old and I’ve never thought that I will ever find myself somewhere out of Russia. However, everything went different – I decided to register at and met my man there. He is the one I am not afraid to live the rest of my life with. See, I got my superhero! I still cannot believe it, but I live in Finland, and every day I meet the world's best man coming from work.