1. What is World Of Dating?

1. What is World Of Dating?

WorldOfDaring.com is a dating site with Slavic girls.

We have only real ladies targeted at committed relationships and family. We carry out strict selection of girls and continue to monitor their actions during the time of placement of their profiles. Therefore, on WorldOfDaring.com there are no cheats, married ladies and fakes. Our anti-scam policy is strict.

Communication has never been so easy! If you do not understand something, just chat with our support team. We answer in just a few minutes.

2. Why do I choose this Site?

2. Why do I choose this Site?

The reason is that all the girls here are real. They look just like on the pictures and in the description. There is no way that you communicate for a month with a cute fragile blonde, but in real life instead of her you met an overweight brunette.

We carefully check the profiles, documents and pages of girls in social media. Every day, we monitor the sites engaged in escort services and scam. If we notice "our" lady, we immediately remove her profile from our website.

With us, you know that a girl:

  • Looks like on the avatar picture
  • Is open for new acquaintances
  • Is registered on the site with the only goal: to get acquainted with a man for serious long-term relationships.

Do not waste your time for fakes - communicate with real girls on WorldOfDaring.com!

3. How do I start on Your Site?

3. How do I start on Your Site?

You can get acquainted with the lady immediately after filling out the form consisting of 2 fields and refilling your account.

We recommend you to fill in the form and add your photo to show yourself in the best light in front of ladies.

Before filling the questionnaire, read the rules of site using. This is necessary for your profile to pass moderation quickly. After the moderation, you will receive a letter of the profile activation by e-mail. Open it and click the link.

Done. Meet, flirt, enjoy! Welcome to the World Of Dating!

4. Rules for Profile Posting

4. Rules for Profile Posting

Before registering, read the site rules. It will take a couple of minutes - far less time than waiting for re-moderation.

  1. You can register on the site if you are over 18 years old.
  2. We understand that you may have reasons not to specify your real name in your profile. We ask you to enter truthful data in the fields that are available only for the administration of the site (name, e-mail address, phone number, country, city, age, and marital status). We guarantee the confidentiality of your data: the information will be available only to the administration. In public profile, you specify only the information you want to. We also guarantee that no one will use your login and password (in order to avoid such cases, we recommend you not to tell anyone your password).
  3. When filling the questionnaire, do not use profanity and vulgarity.
  4. Do not list references and names of other dating sites.
  5. Try to describe your best features and specify your wishes and reasons of your registration on the site. This way, you will get closer to the cherished goal.
  6. Be sure to add the photo to your profile. Please avoid photos of celebrities, nature, and animals.
5. Your home page

5. Your home page

After registration and replenishment of the account, you can chat and use the services of the site. Its options allow you to:

  • Fill in a form
  • View all the girls, including those online
  • View girls that visited your profile
  • Read new messages and return to missed chats
  • Add ladies to Favorites for free
  • View the presents given by you to  girls
  • Add photo
  • Set reminders
  • Check and replenish your credits
  • Add women to blacklist
  • Delete profile.

To access your profile, click My profile in the top right corner of the page under the tab ID. Information in your profile is available only for administration, so please indicate valid data. On the right, you will find a list of reasons of registration on the site, tick the relevant ones.

To fill a public profile that will be viewed by ladies, go to the tab Personal Information on the left.

To make an acquaintance, select a woman in Browse matches or Online beauties. You can immediately start chatting after clicking on the avatar of the lady:

  • Heart is to add to Favorites
  • Chat icon is to start online chatting
  • Gift is to send a surprise
  • Letter icon is to send a message

You can also click the girl’s avatar or her name to read her profile. This way, you will know whether this girl is a good match, whether you have to write her. Also, you can open a chat directly through her profile – for this, use the menu on the right.

On World Of Dating, you always know how much you pay and what for. The number of credits is specified directly for each service. You can always find your balance in the top menu.

7. Do I need to pay for your services?

7. Do I need to pay for your services?

Registration on the Site and membership are absolutely FREE.

Reading incoming messages is absolutely FREE.

You pay only for the services you use.

No hidden charges! You can see your balance in the top row. All prices are displayed directly in the service order – so, you always know how much you pay and what for.

Optionally, you can receive notifications of incoming messages and other active actions on your page to your e-mail. If you do not need it, just disable the account settings.

6. The Services we provide

6. The Services we provide

After moderation, you can use any of our services.

Select chat - and communicate with a girl in real-time.

Select video chat - and communicate face-to-face via webcam.

Select gifts - and surprise a lady that you like.

To make a gift, choose a girl and click on the icon with a gift box. Present is sent directly to the agency that this girl represents.

You can also send a girl a real gift - flowers, candies, and much more.

Choose messages - and send a message to the best of the best. Or maybe to several of them.

Choose to view video - and see how a lady looks like in real life.

Get contact info - learn the desired phone number and address of a girl.

Make a call - talk to a lady with the help of an interpreter.

We guarantee that all the girls on the site do not receive any financial support from the site or from local agencies. We provide only real acquaintances for committed relationships!

If you want to clarify something, feel free to contact our support team - we are always happy to answer your questions.

9. I did not receive my activation e-mail

9. I did not receive my activation e-mail

Steps to follow if you did not receive an activation e-mail:

  1. Make sure your e-mail is indicated correctly.
  2. Check the Spam folder. If you find a letter there, click "This is Not Spam" in your mail service. Follow the link in the e-mail.
  3. If your e-mail address is correct and Spam folder does not contain this message, please contact us by phone or online chat. We will solve the problem in a matter of minutes!
8. Why was my profile rejected?

8. Why was my profile rejected?

If your profile is rejected, it means that your profile does not correspond to the rules of the site. Check the data:

  • Fill in the fields for administration with reliable data (including the correct country and city)
  • Check correctness of the phone number and e-mail address
  • Make sure you have followed the activation link (an e-mail)
  • Ensure the reliability of your photos (do not use sexually explicit photos, nature images, celebrity photos as your avatar. The presence of confidential contact information on photo is also forbidden)
  • Remove the advertising of other dating sites, links to social networks
  • If the above steps do not help, feel free to contact our support team. We will study the problem and register you as soon as possible.
10. What is confirmed profile on a female profile and how the Site guarantees that the ladies are all real?

10. What is confirmed profile on a female profile and how the Site guarantees that the ladies are all real?

Icon "Confirmed profile" on a female profile indicates that the lady has been approved by the administration. Namely:

  • She has provided her passport and other identification documents confirming her identity and the absence of marital relations
  • She filmed a video confirming that she is who she is
  • Her profile was not found on the sites providing escort services
  • She has never taken part in scam-operation

On WorldOfDaring.com, all ladies are real. Chatting with a lady with "confirmed profile", you can be sure that you talk with a real girl, not a fake or a cheater.

11. Why young ladies want to meet older men?

11. Why young ladies want to meet older men?

In Slavic countries, ladies consider it normal and prudent to opt for an older man for relationships. Young guys are not focused on family and children. They prefer only on-off and non-committal relations. By contrast, girls are ready to become guardians of the hearth. Therefore, they are looking for a man with the same desires.

Sometimes, ladies are registered on dating sites just for fun. The reasons may be different: lack of male attention in real life, dissatisfaction with previous relationships, or simply because of too much spare time. Unfortunately, our website is not an exception. Therefore, our team of moderators regularly chats with girls pretending to be ordinary users, and removes profiles of frivolous ladies. Our website is not a place for non-serious girls without self-respect.

12. How can I know that the lady wants to marry instead of simply moving abroad?

12. How can I know that the lady wants to marry instead of simply moving abroad?

Someone might think that Slavic girls get acquainted with foreigners because this is their chance to move abroad. So remember: no lady aimed at long-term relationship starts asking for a visit from the first letter. Moreover, she would be afraid to go to you at once. The most favorable outcome is if you communicate for a few months, take a closer look at each other, and then, perhaps, she invites you to her for a real meeting.

We also recommend keeping in mind the difference in mentality and traditions when communicating. Before taking any major decision, be wise and follow not only your heart, but also your mind.

We can help you arrange a real meeting: we will find for you an interpreter, tell about the peculiarities of the country, and book a room, if necessary. Enjoy each other on your first date! We will take care of all organizational issues.

13. When can I contact a lady directly?

13. When can I contact a lady directly?

According to the rules of the site, it is prohibited to share personal information.

There is only one way to get the contact details of the girl you like – with her consent.

  • Go to lady’s profile
  • Click Get contacts
  • Administration will receive a written consent of the girl and send you contact details.

This service is regulated by the US IMBRA law on the procedure of transfer of clients of marriage agencies to real communication. We care about your safety.

14. Can I talk to a lady on the phone?

14. Can I talk to a lady on the phone?

Use the service of the phone call via the website. This is useful, because during your communication there will be a translator to help you.

To do this, open the girl`s profile and click Phone Call in the menu on the right. By filling out the required fields, you can order a call at a convenient time.

15. Can I arrange a meeting with a lady?

15. Can I arrange a meeting with a lady?

Do you want to see the girl you like in real life? It is more convenient to arrange a meeting through the administration of the site. Send an email with information about your visit - date, time and link to the lady with whom you wish to meet. We will organize your meeting, select an interpreter, take care of your trip, and find the best accommodation.

This service is regulated by the US IMBRA law on the procedure of transfer of clients of marriage agencies to real communication. We care about your safety.

16. Confirmation Policy

16. Confirmation Policy

Every new profile is activated after its verification by administration.

When you change the information in already a registered profile, it goes to re-moderation, after which the data is updated and the profile is re-activated.